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Sharp Packaging / Hawk Packaging Project

Industrial Label 1
Industrial Label 2
Industrial Label 3
Industrial Label 4

Sharp Packaging had a project that they needed a full design layout for. We started with an undecorated machine, their logo, and the colors that they use throughout their product lines. They requested designs for all 4 sides of this machine so it would be recognized as the Sharp Hawk from any angle.

We took a set of measurements along with furnished pictures of the un-decorated machine, and designed a set of industrial overlays on our 3M vinyl with textured polycarbonate over-laminate material. We were able to super-impose the images over a supplied set of photographs for a proof prior to production.


"Rallye Productions has proven to be a key vendor over the years.  Creating decals and safety labels for our industrial packaging machines was originally an exhaustive process with little flexibility once the design was complete.  After partnering with Rallye, their ability to visualize, organize and present design proposals has provided Sharp with a significant cost reduction along with a faster time to market.  As a design matures, Rallye has shown over and over their flexibility to accurately perform design changes in part due to a higher level of technology such as CNC cutting systems allowing Sharp to submit vector CAD files to be used as the profile cut to ensure the decals are manufactured right the first time." 
Jeramy W. Williams, Director of Engineering, Sharp Packaging Systems, LLC.